How is the Residential Tariff applied?

The Residential Tariff is divided as follows:

  • Basic Account Tariff (TWO accounts or less)
  • Additional Account Tariff (More than TWO accounts)
  • Citizen Account Tariff with National Subsidy

The system will automatically identify the accounts linked to your CIVIL_ID and a maximum of TWO accounts will get the Basic Account Tariff. The rest of the accounts will be on the Additional Account Tariff.

How long does it take for the updated data to appear on the bill?

After you provide the required documents (CIVIL_ID - Ownership deed - rental agreement ... etc.) The company will update your data according to the following:

  • If your application is submitted from the 10th to 30th day of the month, your data will be updated in the bill of the following month.
  • If your application is submitted after the 30th day, your data will be updated in the bill of the following month.
  • You will be notified by an SMS once your data are updated.

I updated my data but the bill I received is not updated?

  • Your data is updated within a period not exceeding one month.
  • Once the data is updated, you will get a tariff change and the bills will be rectified from the date you had provided the information.

How can I know which tariff for my account?How can I know which tariff for my account?


  • Looking at the electricity bill, where the name of the applied tariff should be mentioned
  • Contacting the call center 1011 and asking about the tariff for each of your accounts.
  • Visiting the website : www.namaservices.om

What is the procedure in case of buying or renting a house or apartment?

If you purchace or rent a house or an apartment, your data should be updated through the company’s website www.namaservices.om

or the nearest Sanad Service Center in order to get the correct tariff.

How can I see the expected bill values and compare the tariffs?

Using the Bill Calculator allows you to compare previous bill values with the bill for the current month and it’s available on the company’s website: www.namaservices.om

I have a prepaid account and I don’t receive bills. How will the new tariff be applied to my account?

  • Standalone Prepaid meter: The new electricity tariff will be embedded in the first TOKEN you purchase after the new tariffs are implemented. The length of this token will be between 40 and 80 digits, once the token is entered into the prepaid meter (or the home display unit), the meter will update the tariff on the meter.
  • Smart Prepaid Meter: The tariffs can be transmitted directly to the meter from the central system without the Customer intervention

What are the best practices that I follow in order to reduce the bill value ?

You can view the energy-saving home guide from: www.namaservices.om

which provides various information on how to choose high-efficiency electrical appliances, in addition to solutions that can be applied to reduce electricity consumption at home.

What are the channels to contact if I have billing questions?

Examples of changes in electricity bills for Customers according to the new tariff

Example Solution
01 I own two properties, I rented one of them, will the tenant get the basic account tariff ? The Basic Account Tariff is available to Customers who own two accounts or less, and therefore the tenant gets the Basic Account Tariff if the total of the accounts linked to him are two or less.
02 I am an Omani citizen and I own an apartment in a multi-unit building (apartments), can I get support for this unit? If you have two electricity accounts linked to your CIVIL_ID, the Basic Account Tariff will be automatically applied to these two accounts.
However, if you have more than two accounts linked to your CIVIL_ID, the Basic Account Tariff will automatically be applied to the two accounts with the most consumption, while the Additional Account Tariff will be applied to your third account.
03 I own two properties that are not included in the Basic Account Tariff, what should I do? All you have to do is update your electricity accounts data through the company website : www.namaservices.om or the nearest Sanad Service Center.
04 I own three properties, I rented two properties, am I eligible to receive support for all properties? The eligibility for the Additional Account Tariff in such a case depends on the real estate tenants. If these properties are rented and registered in his name in the lease contract, then the Additional Account Tariff will apply to the additional account.
05 I am a citizen who rents a property, can I benefit from the Basic Account Tariff for this property? and how`s that? If you live in a rented property, update your data through the company website : www.namaservices.om or the nearest Sanad Service Center with a copy of the tenancy agreement approved by the municipality as the tenant of this property, in order to benefit from the Basic Account Tariff
06 We are a group of brothers and sisters who live in one property, are we eligible to get the Basic Account Tariff? The account must be registered under one CIVIL_ID to benefit from the Basic Account Tariff. If the electricity account is registered under two different names, the eligibility criteria will not apply to it. In this case, the property owners can agree on the individual in whose name the electricity account will be registered to update his data via the company website click here: www.namaservices.om or the nearest Sanad Service Center to benefit from the Basic Account Tariff that will be applied to two accounts owned by that individual.
07 Can I move the Basic Account Tariff to other accounts? Once you choose one of your accounts to become the beneficiary of the Basic Account Tariff, this option will be unchangeable for 12 months.
However, in the case of updating the main data (such as the ownership of the property or the tenancy agreement), you will be allowed to re-select the accounts that benefit from the Basic Account Tariff.
08 I reside in a rented apartment, what is the applicable tariff? The Basic Account Tariff in case the number of accounts registered in your name is two or less.

Where can I buy a new recharge PIN for prepaid meters?

You can buy recharged PINs through:

  • Nama services outlets
  • Mobile applications
  • BPM machines or buy them from OIFC (Khadmah) or ONEIC branches.

How The new tariffs for electricity consumption have been gradually applied to the consumer groups, with certain conditions and based on several criteria as follows:

Primary Account tariff:

The customer (citizen/resident) has the right to choose two accounts linked to his Civil Number / Resident Number to apply the tariff of the Primary Account to them. However, if he possesses more than two electricity accounts linked to his Civil Number/ Resident Number, he will automatically receive the Primary Account Tariff on the two accounts that consume the most. If you wish to change the two accounts listed under the Primary Account Tariff, please contact the Contact Center 1011 and our specialists will take the required action.

Additional Accounts:

All other accounts that are not subjected to the Primary Account tariff will be subjected to the Additional Account Tariff and that is including the Accounts Numbers that are not updated and linked with customer ID Number and the additional accounts rather than the two primary accounts.

National Subsidy

Citizens who are eligible to receive the Primary tariff with National Subsidy in accordance with the National Subsidy Standards have the right to choose one account to which the subsidized tariff will be applied. The citizen can apply for the National subsidy in one of his/her primary accounts through the website link mentioned: https://nss.gov.om

What is the price of a prepaid meter?

Prepaid 1PHs meter OMR 39,100 type (standalone) and prepaid 3PHs meter type OMR 62.700 type (standalone).

How to enter the recharge code in the meters?

After purchasing the recharge PIN, enter the code to the meter through the home display unit as follows:
Enter the code by pressing "*" and then enter numbers from left to right. After entering all numbers, press "#" if you enter a number by mistake, press the "*" key for return and correction. After accepting the code, ACCEPTED is displayed as confirmation of the success of the code acceptance process.

How can I know the balance available in the meter?

To check the balance press 11, in the keyboard will appear on the screen of the HDU total balance remaining in Omani riyals.

What can I do if I lost the recharge PIN?

call the contact center at toll-free 1011 to help, the recipient will contact the following procedures before providing the lost recharge PIN: check the customer data by asking the customer for a prepaid number, the date and time of the payment after verification, and the appearance of the last recharge PIN and making sure the time and date the recharge PINs can be sent to the customers by text message, email or any appropriate, possible and easy method.

What can I do if the meter does not accept a recharge PIN?

call the contact center and the call recipient will guide you and make sure that the numbers are entered in full correctly, after the attempts continue and the customer confirms that he entered the PINs correctly and still the meter rejects the PIN, the recipient will check the activation token numbers from the system and in case it continued to reject the PIN they will ask the prepaid team for support.

What can I do if I use the PIN to recharge another prepaid customer by mistake?

Call the contact center to ask for help and the recipient will notify you how to solve the problem or raise a complaint through the website: www.namaservices.om

And need to attach the payment receipt to the wrong PIN recharge.

What can I do if I buy a recharge PIN for a prepaid meter from one of the mobile apps and I didn’t receive the PIN via SMS or email.

Call the contact center 1011 for assistance with the need to provide prepaid number data in addition to mentioning the date and time of purchase of the PIN with the explanation of the payment recharge channel that you used, the recipient of the call after confirming and reviewing the data will send the PIN recharge numbers.

What are the means and channels of paying the dues of electricity bills available to the customer?

There are several easy options available to the customer to pay the electricity bill:

  • Mobile applications:
    Nama Services App / Khedma App / ONEIC app
  • Contact Center IVR 1011
  • Mobile Applications of local banks
  • The electronic portal: https://oss.nama.om
  • CDM

What should I do if I paid an amount by mistake in another account ?

Submitting a request to transfer an amount from account to account through the company`s website, or go to the nearest customer service office , or call the call center 1011to request assistance, taking into account attaching a copy of the payment receipt and a copy of the applicant`s personal card, and filling out the transfer form.

What should I do if the customer paid through one of the payment channels and the amount did not updated in the electricity account ?

Contact the Contact Center 1011 to request assistance and guidance or file a complaint on the website, along with attaching the payment receipt or customer`s bank account statement proving that the amount has been deducted from his bank account, indicating the account number and the date of payment.

Who are the categories eligible for the national electricity subsidy?

You can view the eligibility requirements by visiting the National Subsidy Center website (www.nss.gov.om)

Will the restructuring of the electricity sector companies affect the issuance of electricity bills?

Invoices will be issued using the same mechanism used previously, and you can also receive electricity bills via text messages or e-mail.

How can I view my electricity bill?

  • Visit the company web site : (www.namaservices.om).
  • Receive your bills through SMS by registering your mobile number with contact center 1011.
  • Call the contact center 1011

How can I track my complaints ?

Call Contact center 1011

How will know if there are billing errors? How do I know if my meter is working properly ?

The consumption value for the month reflects the meter reading for the period. You will find the consumption value on your bill. To verify your consumption, you can compare the meter reading on the bill with the reading on the meters in your premises. If you find that the values are inconsistent, you can contact 1011or visit nearest company branch.

How does the hot summer temperature effect my bill ?

he heat drives up the consumption of electricity required for air conditioners (A/C), because customers tend to reduce the temperature from the optimal 23 to 20 or 18 degrees Celsius which causes the A/C to consume even more electricity.
Furthermore, all electronic equipment utilizes more electricity during the warmer months due to the additional energy required for their cooling systems.

How can I communicate with you to reconnect the electricity supply after disconnection service for non-payment of electricity bills?

You can contact us via the free call center number 1011 to find out the mechanism for returning the electricity service.

How can I benefit from the National Electricity Subsidy?

You can submit a request to the National Subsidy Center through the following channels:

  • The National Subsidy Center website (www.nss.gov.om).
  • Sanad Service Centers

What is the procedure required to benefit from the Basic Account Tariff?

  • If you have one or a maximum of two Residential Accounts, these two accounts will be automatically included under the Basic Account Tariff. But if you have more than two accounts, the two accounts with the most consumption will be automatically included under the Basic Account Tariff, and the rest of the other accounts will get the Additional Account Tariff.
  • To find out the applicable tariff for accounts click here www.namaservices.om
  • If you wish to change the two accounts listed under the Basic Account Tariff, please contact the call center (1011) and our specialists will take the required action.

My civil number is not linked to my accounts. What should I do in this case?

Please visit the electricity company website and submit the following documents:

  • Owner
    • Copy of the Title Deed
    • Copy of the Krooki
    • ID Copy
  • Tenant
    • Copy of a valid & attested by the Municipality Tenancy valid and attested by the Municipality
    • ID Copy
  • Multiple Owners in one Title Deed
    • Copy of the Title Deed
    • Copy of the Krooki
    • ID Copy of the heirs agent
    • Copy of the `Power of Attorney`
  • Inheritors
    • Copy of the Title Deed
    • Copy of the Krooki
    • ID Copy of one of the owners (applicant)
  • Living in properties owned by or rented from the employer
    • Letter from the employer
    • Letter of undertaking from the employee of bearing the financial liability
    • ID Copy